Foolish tracker

Tis the sound of a horse clopping?

It’s grown dark as if it were foggy

My nerves unbinding to this sound

As my footsteps on cobblestone,

Are being chased by a time gone

A slow nefarious rider I am sure of

Even worse is their eerie mocking

Unseen still is my assailant chasing  

Oh, what steep cruelty I am to bear

But this is much better than a knife   

As he may well be upon my back soon

The hurrier I step in quicker transit

The faster this swift assailant follows

Surely, he’ll be my death in message

Should I dare stop to let him pass me  

If only I could escape a complicit dark                     

As my breath is declining in volume

Perhaps this be is his tool of the trade

My heart flees faster than its owner can

I am doomed; this much I now know  

Unless- I remove my shoes- swiftly;

And leave no sound for him to trail

When I stopped, so too did the fool

I sling my boots over my shoulders

Now I race over damp cobblestone

And my assailant…too foolish to better

Poet of the Light © 2018

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