If I were to be honest- now

My adjudication completed

Much faster than fashionable

Before finishing a coffee; Guilty

I alone will bear the weight

My pleas of entrapment failed

I became complicit; knowingly

Like a weak captured prisoner

Turn traitorous- by the French

An unexpected development

Those rough rolling silkiness

They did seduce my ears first

The rest of me; simply coerced

Her accent was most obvious

Causing my cold chills to erupt

And I- it’s new crude student

My attention; was whip-lashed

Induced by her reverberating lips

In this sudden sweet enchantment

Smooth- promising- firm puffiness

My first sight left me breathless

Fancy loop unmolested white top

Pictures of stripping it first arose

And I undoubtedly quickly affixed

Mysterious; rebelliously exposed

Foreign tongues; merely slippery spies

Laying in wait to propagate I suppose

Unlocking my most vivid treasures

I did slip on a slope of no return

Days of old when I was first introduced

Enticed by a new exotic flavor- addiction

Teasing me from my own secret fringes

Like dark seductive angels gone wild

They hijacked my human imagination

Improvised my day dream desires

Pervading even my own innateness

Waiting for the first sight of any pause

Then striped me bare of all defense

All this; in just a few micro-moments

I couldn’t escape even if wanted to

No unnatural reality out of bounds

They torched me like tinder pyre

My mind, lucid haze, flames, heat rises

Droplets beaded over my whole body

Natural cravings of nature take rein

My mind; no longer in any authority

My salivating taste buds joined the revolt

I’ve surrendered, my craving engages

I nakedly invade, degust this delicacy

French Silk Chocolate pies; my nemesis

Damn the French and their revolution

Oh, where were the Swiss to …intervene?


Poet of the Light © 2018





6 thoughts on “Predilections

  1. The Swiss were to busy buying chocolate secrets from the Belgians 🙂 This is so cleverly written and now I need a pie 🙂


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