It was most selfish of me

I’ve come to know that- now

I hadn’t before, not before you

Wanting, no- needing to be

That main object you peer for

Out the windows of your soul

That flavor craving in your palette

The one that makes anxious

Until you degust me in euphories

And you finally did, discover me

That favorite flavor unquenched

The first few days went as planned

Until staleness of boredom arrived

I quickly became a stale taste

You simply put up with for charity sake

Even I- that once apple of your eye

Felt ashamedly ungrateful to you

Each time your words battered me

your disgust became your new image

And your actions took you elsewhere

Where pleasing your insatiable desire

Require two more the fresher at least

And I was left as leftovers unwanted

Yes, it was selfish of me back then

So, I alleviate you of my sinfulness

And like all waste, I packed myself in bags

Proceeded to take myself out of my mess

And believe me… I never once looked back


Poet of the Light© 2018



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