In the night of day

I have loved from afar, unrequited

Sat on cobblestone ledges in the rain

Stared at the stars waiting for answers

Mocked the moon that hid its flight


I’ve watched love bloom between others

Pondered why the night sky cries alone

And only when clouds have come to visit

Felt nights cold truth of fear in my bones


I sat remarkably nakedly in the city courtyard

Remained unnoticed, void of any questions

From a stranger asking how my day has been

For that matter, the same could be said of friends


It seems it is easy to completely disappear

When you hang around people who don’t care


Poet of the Light © 2018



4 thoughts on “In the night of day

  1. One can certainly feel alone when in a crowded room if the room is filled with those who don’t care. Well said!


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