There is no fee- to love me

That which is not free

Or given away in gifting

Certainly, cannot be love

And only a greedy ego

Need be paid to be seen

Or seek control by envy

No speaking arrangement

No books to sell, or sign

No password to obtain

No course taught or taken

No fictitious test or exam

No club of feeling to reign

No manipulation gained

There is simply just- me

Open and unredacted

In a willingly raw means

My freed heart in whispers

Flowing out in soulful ink

Often about, adrift somewhere

Seeking sheltering- parchment

To land with its bled words

I’ve felt- or freely left behind

Set sail on oceans- breezes- or

On uncharted course released

Dreams unlived or unheard

Destinations still untouched

And love, yet sought- unknown

Except pages for the open hearts

That freely find my souls fragments

Or leave to be freely…wasted away


Poet of the Light © 2018





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