The doors


I have been- dredged- darkly

through all my hearts pain

getting to know, just- me.


Now, I’m here- unwantedly

in a realm of just make believe

where delusion of you- live


This is that- other side

of a world without your love

where only I reside, in silence

this is my sentence- for loving you


Sadly- I still have all my feelings

my memories of us, another time

Sadly, I still love to live- love

but I know, not you or another time

Maybe no one, anytime- anymore


I may be stuck here, forever

I may be denied the touches

that came from a heart receptive

I know- no one else may find- mine

Or I’m worthy for more of a loving life

That’s what this other side- is for

And only open hearts have…my exit door


Poet of the Light © 2018



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