Fashionable gifts

Song for a winter’s night- plays

Oak and maple flames

Drunken wishes lit

Amiable laughter

Wink’s drift

Mystery teases

More wine sips

Jasmine fragrant candles

Silent actors- inhales

Tell-tale smiles

Closed rolling eyes

Wet fervor lips

Undecipherable mummers

Fabric strips

Beaded perspiration

Lipstick trails

Gasps and crude pants

Makeup streaks

Unadulterated exposures

Rapid heart beats

Conscious escapes

Growing thirst

Eager fingertips

Exotic eruptions

Sighs and relaxation

Intimate whispers

Random thoughts

Sudden hunger

Ice box raids

Nightgown shirts

Bed remade- sort of

Glasses of water

Dirty saucers

Chilled bareness

Crumb cover sheets

Thirst and hunger- quenched

Moon serves as witness

Candles extinguished

Blankets of security

Close cuddles bring…rest


Poet of the Light © 2018




79 thoughts on “Fashionable gifts

      1. Not making insinuations about you or anyone else however hasn’t every King rationalized the same type of claim? I think it is more about priorities on behalf of the love proffered. Imo-


      2. errm
        .. love yourself as in that first step to enable yourself to love in a way you never have.
        love yourself first: establish self love first thus having a greater ability to truly love >(unfathomable if you have no grasp of raw self love) imo… :/


      3. Self love is a myth propounded by psychology scholars who divest themselves from all love and emotion as they depersonalize their clients. An absolute behavioral trait all capitalist require to be successful. To love self first is to be bias you must come first because no one could love you enough to put you before their own needs. If I wish to be loved first, I first must love others equal to myself and place the needs of that love as – us….first. All else is poppycock… In my humble opinion.


      4. i just wrote a paragraph.. went to a different tab and now it is all erased!
        so now, i will repeat in points
        -no response to your experience with psychologists.. your perspective is yours
        -self love and loving yourself first-two completely different things
        -over inflated ego from greed mongers is cowardess-fake self love. selfish and not pure
        -real genuine self love i agree, everyone is equal yet u must love yourself also equally. thats important. critical.*
        -Also, one would agre that a high nurtured humble self love correlates with the level of love we can express to others.


      5. I’m sorry we diverge on accepted understandment regarding self-love.
        I offer only my position others may in whole or part accept or denounce as ludicrous. I accept you differ from me and that your version works best for you.

        Real and genuine are synonymous, compounding them together doesn’t heighten any further degree of truth.

        Logical syllogisms in the philosophy of psychology has nothing to do with subjective personal experiences with a limited psychologist as you assert I implied.

        Yes loving yourself and loving yourself first are nit the same unless deceptively used interchangeably in the same context and perverted premise being proffered.

        If I love myself first, I have all my needs met and thirst quenched and therefore need no one else to love or be loved by. Using a false premise I need to love myself first so I know how to love others is a fallacy that all others need what I offer, in which case, they need no one else to love them but me.

        I can love you equal to myself right now however should you chose or require I modify it to more your pleasing, you then deny me of the same choice you afford yourself. If so, your kind of love is no love I want any part of let alone could afford.

        Again this is simply my position on the matter of the touted self-love/love self first mantra being circulated like a new found truth that has plagued humanity since the dawn of time and first ruler.

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      6. ..then dont “love yourself first” if that is your translation.

        In Sum: Embrace self love-
        Recognize your imperfections, find a way to accept your faults. Examine your inner insecurities, nurture them and grow from them thus slowly conquering them.
        In doing this, you are practicing self love and in this you can experience an inner peace. Something that allows you to love other people despite their flaws.
        Self love is a state of mind, an inner peace…something to struggle with but slowly conquer if you believe in the power of love.


      7. I have long accepted my imperfections as well as those of others. I have even forgiven those who have trespassed upon me. I’m at peace with myself and remain resolved in my philosophy and I afford you to do the choice of doing the same.


      8. explitives, wait, its here..what just happened
        That perspective is based on experience? I wont go there..
        Self Love vs. Loving yourself first *2 different things.
        Self love is a journey…and it truly does exist. Its a deep emotional connection with yourself understanding your imperfections and loving yourself as God would.(understated)
        Uber-Over-inflated ego (held by greed mongers is not self love at all. Its denial. Its a fake image of self love. Its a selfish thing. Its ignorance etc. also, understated..

        Self love is a deep humble reflection of oneself as an equal imperfect being among everyone.
        I have written many posts about this too.
        Agreed. No one was created “better” for those who think that, im-strong-opinion, i believe they are either blindly ignorant or willfully choosing to be<(couldnt think of a better word) ignorant… so, cowards then. simply.

        Loving others equal to yourself" thus you are required to have love for yourself hopefully before you try giving it away…or else what are u really giving? I mean, how can you love someone else fully completely if you have no understanding on how to love yourself before that? how can you fully*completely give what you don't have within yourself. u cant give something you dont have.
        wouldn't you think that your own self love correlates to an ability to love better?…


    1. Nit what I claimed. Self love cannot be interchanged with love self first. It must be in concert with loving all others albeit they may seem to being loved first at times. Prioritize loves conduit. Does it not all stem from the same source or is that another debatable question? In loving you as I love myself I’m fully aware you may deny me in part or whole for whatever reason you so chose.


  1. love in itself to define as something isnt possible to me, its too unfathomable. its a most miraculous thing really if put as simply as i can. its an abstracted concrete thing just existing.
    We were all created in love thus love is innate.
    its within us to do with it what we will
    everyone embraces this unfathomable love thing completely uniquely

    something inside your soul is love. knowing it is knowing god i guess


    1. My theological understanding and acceptance that love is an innateness gifted by God, however that gift can be abused, rejected or perverted. “Love others as I have loved you”… rings true to treat everyone including the self, equal in all matters, at all times. I need not guess something I bravely sought out and have faith in.
      Something to consider or ignore;

      God has created me to do Him some definite service: He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another. I have my mission – I may never know it in this life, but I shall be told it in the next. I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons. He has not created me for naught. I shall be an angel of peace, a preacher of truth in my own place, while not intending it – if I do but keep His commandments. Therefore, I shall trust Him. Whatever, wherever I am, I can never be thrown away. If I am in sickness, my sickness may serve Him. If I am in sorrow, my sorrow may serve Him. He does nothing in vain. He knows what He is about. He may take away my friends. He may throw me among strangers. He may make me feel desolate, make my spirits sink, hide my future from me – still He knows what He is about.
      Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801-1890)


  2. and to think the devil is so clever to convince people of not existing at all.. wretched!!

    I think the understanding you had of what I said originally in “love yourself first” was misinterpreted, and i can take the blame in that for not always having the best writing tact and expertise in communicating ideas effectively, although i try lol
    I think I do in the most part agree with what youre saying except for that you say
    Self love is a myth propounded by psychology scholars who divest themselves from all love and emotion as they depersonalize their clients.
    I think there, you are talking about the “self love” sprouted by pride and an over-inflated ego..?


    1. I agree with your writing self assessment as being a misunderstanding.

      I’m talking about evil using self-love by perverted into representing only the self, void of all others simultaneously. The super-ego is wielded by logic or emotion in the mindset. Love from God overrules them both; preventing them from acting independently to serve only the self.

      Should love not serve all, at all times?


  3. yes..

    how do u mean?… serve at all times as in being invincible from evil u mean?
    – that’s the unfathomable thing…. but…
    love prevails, it conquers all… but god gave us hands, feets, and our own head, we do have some control.. or do we?
    are we all souls in the middle of a tug-o-war?


    1. No- not what I mean. We should be acting and treating others from a postilion of serving love we are propounding. Not take advantage of others under some ruse I must serve myself first (self-love) in order to serve (love) others later. This is the war for our souls, we either maintain control over our autonomous selves or pretend we are in charge by acting as gods while evil really rules us through the vices we crave.


  4. agree!
    Gah! people are living with blindfolds over their eyes… either innocently ignorant not yet aware of the truths..which is sad to say the least) or cowardly willfully ignorant knowing truths that they deny … so why? pride?

    people need to walk aligned with each-other in a common goal… no follower behind, below or above them but beside them.

    but the devil likes to tell people theyre special!……


  5. your welcome.
    i used to play.. i love it too, i love mostly most music though
    i found his music, was so intrigued to find more and then found out he had died a year before


  6. Yes, I was sure meant to. I wrote about the whole experience of it.. too many coincidental things happened that night , although that said I don’t believe there’s coincidences.
    I actually wish I had learned guitar.. I love acoustic music


    1. Not much. I was teaching myself at home by learning to read and write but unsure of the proper pronunciation. The online people they suggest you contact spent more time laughing than helping, so I set it aside. I’m planning on returning so I could at least read and write French.


    1. I will have to check it out that movie, I do watch/listen to some French TV shows on Nextflix in the time frame of studying as well as many French singers/songs like Isabelle Boulay- Florent Pagny . Thank you. I have a workbook that has helped a lot with understanding on how to read and write and used some free online programs to practice hearing and speaking but I have a slight hearing issue so I sometime struggle.


    1. I’m in the process of changing my daily schedule that offers me more free time to write and or study. Sometime I research before or during a writing piece. I enjoy being a wordsmith, twisting or turning a word or phase on it head in the midst of a poem. Sometime I use antiquated words and people remark having to look them up.


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