Dark sheer- void of under color

Maybe it was a stranger night

Something she stated- inadvertently

Maybe in the way her shape moved

Stalling my train of current thoughts

That took off in a sudden fever

Even if-only inside my mind

Even if- secretly I- fantasized

But I felt safe and remained hidden

As I pretended being an empty airhead

Until she noticed, detected something

Colors sparkled; everything changed

She looked deeper and deeper

Into me, my soul’s open windows

I couldn’t hide, nor could I escape

To run; might heighten her suspicion

Her glances appeared more often

And she took longer and longer

Seeking my secrets like some spy

Even her eyes grew with intensity

Squinting tight, then opening wide

Until I felt her, inside my space

My cave of imaginary things

She was pervading my soul

My camouflage; foolishly failed

Flush of red casted over- and

Cold-sweat beads of upheaval

Breached my secret trust only to

Turn me in; exposed my shyness

I was loss for words, I couldn’t utter

I felt dizzy and my heart hurt

In a new strange but good way

And for some peculiar reason

I want to run- but not shy away

I desired to rush into her- the fire

The very fire I ignited purposely

I was craving her full embrace

Flattery infused my narcissism

I had to feel her real presence

Here, locked in my eager fingertips

The moistness of her whispers

Help her body’s heat- intensify

Get lost in caverns of imagination

Aid trembling emotions- come alive

I decided to plunge into the depths

Those colorful sparkling eyes of hers

But just as suddenly, she turned away

Slipping beyond my dumbfounds, gone

Who knew- how could I’ve known?

My exquisite muse, just…mused me!


Poet of the Light © 2018



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