Not reality, not a dream

Sometimes I tumble

Through an unknown

Pass times last palisades

Finding myself paddling

An old stressed rowboat

Lost in a sea, commotion

Abstract- muted- blurry

Marbled grey’s of splashes

Desperate gasps weaker pants

Heart racing in still motion

Escape requires devastation

White caps snap- in tiny drops

Whitens out all I can see- be

I’m free of silence; spoon-drift

Except her voice of whispers

That move an ocean surface

When being calm…feels empty


Poet of the Light © 2018


6 thoughts on “Coriolis

  1. Your title hooked me, as I am a sucker for the science of things. And, your poem, intelligent and just as moving as the Coriolis effect, sending my thoughts askew.


      1. You are kindly welcome. I’m just a simple traveller who enjoys poetry that is deep and intelligent.


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