My soul- has become lessened

My polished perfection- marred

Though I earnestly pretend

Hidden- deep inside all my silence

That it really doesn’t matter- at all

The truth is, I’m still hurting

In places- that remain raw scars

From the last love, who took

Took pieces- that can’t be remade

And I know that doesn’t mean

They can’t be gently replaced

I know that, her and I are over

I know that, she meant for her

I need a touch, to touch my feelings

That doesn’t make me confused

Or like I’m simply being reused

My soul, my heart may be broken

But not enough, to take hope too

And I can’t mend them all alone

At least my bruises are almost gone

And her words spoken, no longer sting

Not the way they used to…to me


Poet of the Light © 2018

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