I saw her again today

Or, I should say, a glimpse of her

It purposely happens that way

Rounding some odd corner

Or, entering a fresh floral room

Prevalent of her skins perfume

Masterfully, she appears out of nowhere

She’ll disappear just as suddenly

While being everywhere, on fringes

My mind, my heart- mostly my soul

Often, I become found by strangers

Seemingly frozen but attentively listening

Sometimes it’s her unique laughter

Reverberating softly in some background

Like a favorite song, always noticeable

Or maybe her phraseology stands out

Being used by some other similar speaker

And I get lost in the words, my train of thought

As I scour my surrounds to find- her face

A face I often see reflecting ever briefly

In some random mirror, or glass, as if

We’re playing hide and seek again

Like little children- toying with one another

Inside tourist shops on our ventures

Seeking clues hidden in reflections

She just has that uncanny ability

To be ever present- while being hidden

She loves playing hide and seek

It’s how we really met, in happenstance

I easily lost her back then- she followed me

To some nearby coffee shop instead

Unexpectedly she sat down smiling

Almost gloating, asking, where her coffee was

I swear, she’s refreshed the taste of her kiss

At the break of each new dawn as I slept

She’s still winning in every…glimmering reflection


Poet of the Light © 2018


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