Snowflakes fell across a sleepy landscape

Excitement raced throughout my mind

As I haphazardly embarked a new venture

Into the unknown beyond pure speculation

Finding a handwritten note with instructions

I entered a most darken room and disrobed

Then stared out the only bedroom window

I could feel the heat of her body resonate

Having quietly approached me from behind

Dressed in nothing but the moon and bare feet

Her French-tipped fingernails began caressing

And catching my unsuspecting body by surprise

Sweat droplets quickly breached my skins surface

Only to be further confronted yet even more

As cold like shivers immediately erupted in their wake

While her warm moisten, wordless breath quickly

Sent obvious messages though out all my senses

My crux became ignited by some ghostly flames

As I felt her fingers slide into my nervous palm

Only to fluently interlace within my tighten fingers

While her lips chased away my hidden fears

As they kissed and teased my obsequious skin

Leaving smudged colored traces of her ruby lipstick

As if following a tiny road map- of her inner passion

Traversing to the barest portion of my unknown soul

We stood but a while face to face, kissing and embraced

Then it happened as I plunged into new found knowledge

She unmistakably taught me repeatedly in the lesson

Of how one’s passion truly takes complete control

So long as one is willing to bare and dare into unknown

My simple mind and body became easily overridden

As I became learned, in the hands of…her tutelage


Poet of the Light © 2018



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