If beauty is found in the eyes of the beholder,

Does then that beauty become the warden?


I gazed about my immediate environment

Finding these surrounds more an impediment

To what, where I needed myself to be

I needed to escape, unbound to feel released

This was everything I didn’t expect or want

And then the universe smiled some what

When fire tips danced in her reflecting eyes

The ambient sound became completely quite

Like when a hunter finds the prey about

I could feel the thunder in my heart grow

In both excited pace and its own echoes

My perception became affixed to hers

Faster than the speed of sound moves

I became far removed, in her hypnotic stare

A willing prisoner beset by my own heart

As it became swept away from me to her

Feeling discovered, as if for the first time

The way a virgin extenuates that first climax

Emotionally draining yet completely intoxicating

Enjoying the climb as much as the fearless fall

In the end breathless, trembling unable to talk

And then, my body renews its most innate thirst

For another journey, another immediate venture

Searching for that newfound favored flavor- hers

Even my lips quivered in anticipation, and gasps

That inner fire in my soul grew even higher- hotter


My back felt the sting of sweat in her claw marks

Each drop became a painfully sweet tingling

How she dangled me betwixt heaven and hell

My soul in peril but my desires…quenched


Poet of the Light © 2018


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