It doesn’t work, not really
You and I- this thing between us
It’s an addiction I can’t kick
I’m not sure we want to even try
But at least I’m honest about it now
About what it is and why

We’ve tried to keep those words
The ones that come out regrettably
Driving us apart, igniting desire again
As if we were heaps of carbon pyre
But as we both know, we fail, repeatedly

We both crave each other, as soon as we depart
And it grows, exponentially by the seconds
Until we can’t take it, can’t fight it any longer
And we seek out a fix, thoughts racing wild
We become fiery desire in motion, in dire thirst
As if our very lives depended only on- our touch

So, you see, it’ll never work out, never subsides
We’re like each other’s carnivorous habit
This unbreakable tethering between you and I
Some call it a sickness of human construct
Some call it a rare love of soulful connection
I call it a quenching of heaven…theoretically

Poet of the Light © 2018

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