Pirate de coeur

A long chiffon black gown with silverish beads
Long flowing red and gold streaks- of curls
Queerly; most best describes our encounter
She came out of seemingly nowhere really
From across a large room, I felt her essence
She winked and smiled often with moist lips
She starred politely, my skin shivered oddly
Speaking volumes without uttering a word
Her angelic eyes sparkled with eon old stories
She moved pass with a sight pause; kissing me
But her aroma alone, beset all my defenses
In that one kiss she gifted, my fate was sealed
Her ethereal scent was like a vast parachute
It captured my breath and traversed endlessly
Leaving evidence of her, me, to drift aimlessly
Over mountains, rivers and lost deep caverns
Of both the land and memory in my heart
Some claim she was an illusion, I say…a night Orchid

Poet of the Light © 2018

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