I want that which I need
Same as that which I gift
To be loved with all my being
And not really much more
Yet to love openly and fully
So as to be nakedly honest
Bare before the world and God
And seen only as I truly am
To be as if embedded gently
Into freshly laid virginal soil
By the very hands of destiny
To feel soft breezes of tomorrow
Whispering their expected arrival
Like dreams that come to life
Suddenly before my novice eyes
With a childish colorful hope of promise
Anything, and everything is possible
To be time whetted just enough
So as to weather storms of time itself
Bathed in both rain and sunshine
So that I might not wither myself empty
To be infused with such joy so as to
Stretch for the stars- each delicate night
Believing I just might- touch one
Umbrellaed by a bestowed moon; my witness
All while feeling snugly encapsulated
Within the arms, of my lovers…breadth of love

Poet of the Light © 2018

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