Rips in wrinkles

In less than a moment
My whole life felt changed
I stared- sort of
Into her eyes while falling
If one does both simultaneously
Oh, where they took me
Words fail at depiction
Its beauty, so unexpected
And I know now, I think
Was it happened in an instant
If instant can be measured
Bright lights, colors blaring
Permeating my very soul
It was like, I was walking
Outside of my mind
Peregrinating somewhere
On a path of some kind
But my feet, they were frozen
And I was blind yet could see
All the vivid life, was just happening
Somewhere in the background
Played a soothing melody
A song familiar, most strangely
But mostly of importance
Was- I was smiling
Inhaling the scent if the sea
I felt the world turning
The touch of a breeze
As it teased her flowing hair
And holding her, in my arms
Sharing kisses and whispers
The silky warmth of her skin
Living love- at last in my heart
That had always evaded me
And when I blinked
Just as abruptly, I realized
I hadn’t fallen, at all- anywhere
She was but merely a dream…again

Poet of the Light © 2018

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