A single foot trail etched a sandy shore
Meandering the outskirts of a watery body
That longs to be encompassed, all at once
I watch the silent flight of a lone bird
Observe the lapping of an ocean wave
But the caress of a gossamer breeze- wins
Often, I tease- my idealistic self
Dreaming of what becomes from her kiss
The awakenings it would surely birth
There are so many things about her
No amount of words could try to depict
And no picture dare whispers her image
Silent gasps at the mere sight of- her
Shall remain forever hidden within
Those joyous flutters of my heartbeats
Oh, how she fills those invisible canyons
Everyone has deep within their soul
Where even the suns warmth fails to touch
But unfilled longings flow- in echoes
Like a welcomed grasp of an embrace
Love never gives me a chance to chose
Love, like her, simply captures me…first

Poet of the Light © 2018

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