It was well after the midnight hour
Fire logs were crackling with warmth
Outside the sporadic rain was falling
Like musical notes on the tin roof
Soothing, with a cooling presence
As my weary eyelids barely rested

I could feel her colored fingertips
Ever slowly traversing my bare skin
Stimulating even my attentive soul
As we laid upon the makeshift bed
Randomly rustled together on the floor
Watching hypnotic flames dance
In masked shadows upon the wall
I become a vast wild ocean by her touch

Her scent permeates my atmosphere
As she delicately hums that song
That song that stole not only my heart
But even the sounds of its own cords
Oh my, and what a song this soul hears
Almost as if she is an angel, and I- her harp
And together, we move all the universe

Every now and then, she’d would pause
Just long enough to kiss my nakedness
Leaving prints of her red lipstick behind
Like warning messages to the world at large
That, I- was hers without any question
And she was willing to enforce that
By whatever means, without reservation
That also gifted me a new feeling
I hadn’t before known

I could feel her heartbeats reverberate
From her nude breast against my ribs
As our intertwined bodies spoke silently
In that inimitable language of their own
Even the inhales carried secret codes
Being answered only by exhales and moans

Surely this is a promise found in paradise
I knew it as soon as I fell into her eyes
That world far from here, from everywhere
And love- the only means to there, to her heart
And my dreaming is my only conduit…to her

Poet of the Light © 2018

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