It is very easy to understand

That cliché fairytale type of life

Many people escape and settle for

Found in movies or most recent book

Life suddenly blooms between lines

Where the depiction becomes obvious

And you start rooting for a magical love

To sweep away even fictitious characters


For me, it took on a life of its own

It was like the differences found

Between the core of night and day

My- falling deeply in love with her

Became an unexpected quick journey

Like merely stepping over a threshold

From a cold still shadow of lost self

Into the basking warmth of her sunlight

Even her name- just fit to say verbally

There were no inked lines for me to read

No idealistic pictures needed to be imagined


My epiphany made me extremely porous

Readily absorbing all she effortlessly offered

In no time at all, I’d forgotten all my past

Of broken-hearted hours that seemed forever

Living once again, in the moments of- her

Until she was all the time I seem to know

All I soulfully thirsted for or dare to desire

She- became my deliverer of… loves truth


Poet of the Light © 2018


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