An inconvenient truth


From time to time I thought about

Her, laying beneath the same stars

Possible dreaming of me, secretly

And longingly whispering my name


I knew innately I loved her

For all those rightful reasons

Though I hadn’t looked into her eyes

Let alone learned their color
Or felt the touch of her breathe

Causing goosebumps to erupt

As her lips playfully teased my skin


It almost seemed queer- yet wasn’t

She made me do more than smile

With her unadulterated witty words

That caused my lungs to fill with laughter

A laughter I couldn’t hold within

Even as I sat alone, reading, her voice

A ghostly voice I had only imagined

With an unmissable sultry sound

I’d recognize in real life, if ever I had heard it


I hadn’t known such simple pleasure

And the purity of it resonated

Deep, to the marrow of my bones

Simultaneously, it frightened me

Stirring the feebleness of my insecurities

Still- my soul, my cerebellum craves for her

Her breath and moving witty phrases of words


Forever- is how long she’d be present

Here- within my thoughts and my heart

That same heart was all I could offer her

My fear; how could that ever be…enough?


Poet of the Light © 2018

6 thoughts on “An inconvenient truth

  1. I’ve come back to the beginning here to leave a note to tell you I’ve read and enjoyed and cried over every poem here. You have a talent for connecting the reader to your words. You express so well the highs and lows of love and that almost inexpressible ache of brokenheartedness. Thank you for all you have shared here with me.

    Liked by 1 person

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